Group Meetings

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Spring 2019

When: Monday 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Where: Kingsbury N242

Date Topic Presenter
Jan 28 Introduction Marek
Feb 04 Optimism in the Face of Value Functions Reazul and Tianyi
Feb 11 Adversarial Attacks on Neural Policies Shayan
Feb 18 Performance Loss Bounds for Approximate Value Iteration with State Aggregation Soheil
Feb 25 Near-OptimalBayesianAmbiguity Sets Bahram
Mar 04 R-rectangular Saba
Mar 11 Spring Break
Mar 18 Greenhouse and other stuff Sangeeta or Chris
Mar 25 Robustness to confounding factors Monkie
Apr 01 Bear world Chris
Apr 08 MMS Samantha
Apr 15 Canceled
Apr 22 Original results Reazul
Apr 29 Distributional heuristic functions Tianyi
May 06 SBEED Marek

Fall 2018

When: Monday 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Where: Kingsbury N233

Date Day Topic Presenter
Sep 10 Mon Summer Review
Sep 17 Mon Planning in the Presence of Cost Functions Controlled by an Adversary Jason
Sep 24 Mon Bayesian Distributional Robustness Marek
Oct 01 Mon A data-driven, machine learning framework for optimal pest management in cotton Chris
Oct 09 Tue Policy Conditioned Uncertainty Sets for Robust MDPs Bahram
Oct 15 Mon Canceled
Oct 22 Mon (More) Efficient Reinforcement Learning via Posterior Sampling Tianyi
Oct 29 Mon Reinforcement learning with basis construction … Soheil
Nov 05 Mon Finding Magnetopause Samantha
Nov 12 Mon Veteran’s day
Nov 19 Mon Bayesian robust RL Reazul
Nov 26 Mon Optimization for Greenhouses Chris
Dec 03 Mon Canceled
Dec 10 Mon NIPS report Marek and Reazul

Summer 2018

When: Wednesday 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Where: Kingsbury N233

Also: Pizza

Date Speaker Topic
May 16 Marek (Andreas) Computing Robust Strategies for Managing Invasive Plants
May 23 Marek Fast Robust Bellman Updates
May 30 Coral (Rachel) Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Rural Environments without Detailed Prior Maps
June 6 Bahram (Jordan) Low-Rank Value Function Approximation for Co-optimization of Battery Storage
June 13 Jason (Shayan) Minimax Regret Bounds for Reinforcement Learning
June 20 Monkie MDPs for Playing Blackjack
June 27 Shayan MaxLike for Species Distribution Models
July 4 No meeting

Spring 2018

When: Wednesday 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Where: Kingsbury N233

Also: Refreshments

Date Speaker Topic
Feb 21 Bahram Sparsity and LASSO
Feb 28 Reazul Robust Adversarial Reinforcement Learning
Mar 21 Jordan Robust and Efficient Transfer Learning with Hidden Parameter Markov Decision Processes
Mar 28 Coral Adaptive Neural Network Control of AUVs With Control Input Nonlinearities Using Reinforcement Learning
Apr 4 Shayan Safe Policy Improvement by Minimizing Robust Baseline Regret
Apr 11 Marek Risk-aversion tutorial
Apr 18 Rachel PAC Optimal MDP Planning with Application to Invasive Species Management
Apr 25 Jason Safe Policy Improvement with Baseline Bootstrapping
May 2 Bahram Markov decision processes
May 9 Marek How to be a graduate student

Winter 2018

Joint meetings with Wheeler’s group.

When: Wednesday 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Where: Kingsbury N233

Also: Pizza

Date Paper
Jan 10 Robust MDPs
Jan 17 TDTS

Fall 2017

When: Friday 10:00am - 11:00am

Where: Kingsbury N233

Date Speaker Topic
Sep 01 Marek Fast s-rectangular robustness
Sep 08 Bahram Linear feature encoding
Sep 15 Bence Meeting canceled, Bence at robotics seminar: 12:10-1pm in Kingsbury N101
Sep 22 Jordan Meta-modeling and spatial analysis
Sep 29 (Hala)
Oct 06 Reazul Bayesian robust ambiguity sets
Oct 13 Andreas Maximum entropy for species distributions
Oct 20 Marek Minimizing Regret in MDPs
Oct 27 Bence + Jordan Active learning and MaxEnt
Nov 03 Talha Practical Precautionary Resource Management Using Robust Optimization
Nov 10 Veteran’s day
Nov 17 Nobody
Nov 24 Thanksgiving
Dec 01 Jordan
Dec 08 Bence LinUCB